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The Crisis of Modern Technology

The following is a condensation of “Creative Reconstruction of the Technological Society,” in the forthcoming book Sustainability Beyond Technology (Oxford Univ Press). Visit Dr. Skrbina’s website for more information. Technology is our glory and our curse. With simple stone tools and controlled use of fire, we conquered the savannah and established ourselves as the dominant Read More

The Approaching Transhumanism

The Approaching Transhumanism and the Inhibition of Ethical Discourse, by Laura Drake, Ph.D. Amidst the never-ending chatter about matters like health care, taxes, and race relations, a new postindustrial power elite is rising in the background whose agenda transcends, and threatens to affect everyone a great deal more than, all these other matters combined. This Read More

On the Question of Technological Slavery: A Reply to Campbell and Lipkin

In October 2013 The American Reader published a piece by Thomas Campbell and Michael Lipkin on the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski. David Skrbina, a philosophy professor who wrote the introduction to Kaczynski’s book Technological Slavery, was asked to write a reply, but it was never published. Below is Skrbina’s response. Let’s do a quick study in comparative morality. Late in the Read More